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Nice to meet you~
I’m a girl who loves learning new languages and I’m reallyyy into korean entertainment~ I really like Japan and I listen to j-pop sometimes to but their MVs’ aren’t as easy to find as kpop MVs’, I think that’s part of the reason why I don’t listen to it that much.
So, before I had a blog but I didn’t like it that much, it didn’t have as many functions and I couldn’t exactly customize it the way I wanted so I decided to try this instead~ Jaaay!!  \ (^◡^) / (If you want to check out my earlier blog, here is the link)
The things that I will take about here is these ones mostly:
  • Korean entertainment (variety shows, kpop, k-drama and so on)

  • Fashion (trends, clothes, accessories, nails, hair and more)

  • South Korea & Japan News

  • And some jpop now and then~

I’ve fixed these different categories (something I couldn’t do on my blog) so that you guys can read about the things that you want to and not see post about things you have absolutely no interest in~
See you in my next post!!~
~Yuki ☆〜(ゝ。∂)