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If you’ve visited my blog that I mentioned in my later post I told you guys that I wouldn’t be writing more about the SEWOL accident ’cause it just brings to much sorrow to me, the sorrow I felt when my brother passed away comes back and it really hurts. But, when reading the news on Mwave and seeing all celebrities, companies, fandoms and more donate money, postponing meetings and concerts to honor and pay their respects to the victims of this accident, it moves me to tears. It’s so beautiful to see all this, to see this unity and respect they have for each other. In my country this is not something that is natural, I guess that’s why I get so touched by it. It’s just simply beautiful.

Even though the death toll gets higher and hope disappears I will continue praying. Don’t give up. You should never give up until the end, and it has yet not come.

Please join the Yellow Ribbon Campaign.

“A small movement, can make a big miracle”