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BTL (Beyond The Limit) is a new 9 member kpop band under the Kiroy Company that will debut May 15.
They’ve released a 20 second long teaser and a 1 minute long teaser that shows the members faces more and you can hear a bit of their song also.
According to Kiroy their name states that they will overcome obstacles/limits and become a warm light in the kpop world, while singing songs with messages of hope, love and bravery.
Here are some pictures of the members~☆♪
main_img0 main_img1

♥ The name of the members are Jisu, Jean Paul, Allen, Yu A, Jay, Robin, Max, Do Ka, and Q.L 

I’m pretty excited for this new band~ Their image is still not completely reveled but with what I saw from the teasers it seems to be a cool powerful image mixed with material art and maybe some superpowers. Kind of all the things that interests me and that I’m drawn to haha XD 
I really look forward their debut tomorrow and it will be super exciting to finally see their dance choreography and hear the song!!~