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So there has been rumors that EXO’s Kris is planing on leaving EXO. And it has now been confirmed to be true by the court.
I’m totally SHOCKED. I did not expect something like this… 
The super confusing thing is that many people still say that it is a rumor and it just doesn’t feel fully confirmed yet, it’s so hard to know which sources to trust regarding these situations >.< But from all the different and many sources that all state the same thing it would be weird if it was just a false rumor. 
Okay so according to Allkpop Kris has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, things like being treated like an object and not a artist and not having anything to say about the schedule planing is being mentioned. Not many specific details have been presented but it seems to be similar to the situation regarding Hangeng leaving Super Junior. Some also say that the lawyer that will defend Kris is the same as the one for the case I just mentioned, Sho Bum Suk. SM is famous for their slave contracts so that it’s about something like this seems pretty possible and now it has also been said that the pay he received was either very, very little or nothing at all. 
If it’s true once again about SM’s slave contract I just hope that EXO fans will support Kris decision, I mean, you guys wouldn’t want to work and risk your health without even getting paid. True, he enjoys his job and loves his fans but he must still be treated as a human, our idols may be celebrities but please keep in mind that they aren’t robots and that they have feelings and needs too
Also this may only be something like correcting and fixing the contract, it doesn’t necessary mean that he will leave
Another thing that has happened is that EXO members and others have unfollowed kris on instagram, twitter and other social medias, the thing is that it is most likely the work of SM and notthe celebrities themselves. Many say that their phones have been confiscated and I’ve heard that Baekhyun got slapped when trying to hide his phone (WTF HOW DARE THEY DO THAT!!). I also just read on tumblr that Luhan wrote from a workers computer that this was all SM’s doing (link) Kris has gotten a lot of antifans that accuses him of destroying EXO and he gets A LOT of hate right now. 
Personally I don’t think it’s right to accuse him in this way or write insulting things, not only does it hurts his feeling deeply and makes him appear even more like an outcast but it’s also so WRONG. Like I said earlier, if his under a cruel and unfair contract he has the right to speak up!!! There is nothing wrong to fight for our rights!!! We do it all the time. We ourselves think that we deserve certain kind of things and celebrities shouldn’t be an exception!! They have rights just like us, I think it’s time for people to realize this. 
Whatever happens and whatever decision Kris makes I will support him. Even though it is going to be really hard and I will cry rivers if he’s going to leave, his health and wellbeing is more important, I think ♥  
♥♥♥ I hope this will work out well~ ♥♥♥

Kris, HWAITING!!!!~~ 


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