Jaaaaay!!~ This is really exciting!! 
So, U-kiss has now revealed that they will have a new member in their group!!~ There has been some rumors before they announced it ’cause of a accidentally photo that a cast member took of the members and some other persons and then uploaded to twitter. The new member was in it and fans started to wonder and rumors formed. The rumors have now been confirmed true and the new members profile was released!!~ (≧▽≦)
Some information about the new member~
Name: Jun
Birthday: 22 January, 1997 – so he is 17 years, WAAAAAAA THE SAME AGE AS ME!!! (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●) I’M LOVING THIS!! hihihi ♥‿♥
Height: 185 cm (Waaaa tall!!~ (❍□❍)
Weight: 61 kg
Talent: Singing & Rapping & Dancing


I’m looking even more forward their comeback now!!!~ I hope that he will be welcomed by all too ♥ 
Because of AJ being overseas because of his studies he is not able to participate in this comeback T.T