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Things are just getting so out of hands right know. The kpop word is just in a total caoz.
The thing that was posted on Tao’s Weibo is so confusing and just … confusing
The road is long, and no one can decide where you want to go. The public will always be left in the dark, but it might be that the public will side with who is in the minority. However that’s not the truth. Only those who have experienced the truth are able to understand, such as our 11 members and SM employees. To those on the outside, the right and wrong could be reflected oppositely. They probably won’t know what it feels like to be betrayed by another person and then to have everyone side with the person who has betrayed us. Everyone can have their own perspectives and opinions. However, the truth is pointing to what is right and wrong. We have a clear conscience. We can’t stop someone who wants to leave, and he kept this from us. As we were sweating and practicing hard for our concert, we learned that one wouldn’t be coming back. We have to restart preparations for the concert as 11 members. So tired. EXO, let’s love.”
Because of all the SM artist unfollowing Kris on social medias and “Suho’s statement” (SM statement) regarding this whole situation that many, including me, thinks are all SM doing this thing that Tao wrote is looked at by many as yet another post written by the SM staff and not Tao himself. Many comments said that this was not Tao and that later resulted in another post being made where it stod; “I am EXO member Tao. The things said on Weibo and Instagram are by me. I have nothing to hide.” which is very confusing. I personally don’t think, and don’t want to think, that Tao wrote those things!! It just doesn’t feel like him at all, I mean all of those boys are really close and I don’t think that they would write or say those kind of things to each other. 
There have also started to circulate a rumor that Kris had problems with his heart because of all the stress and being overworked. The rumor hasen’t been adressed yet, so you can’t know if it’s true or not. Right now you shouldn’t trust any rumor until it has been confirmed to be true. Everything is in such a caoz that it’s impossible to know what’s true and what’s not until it has been confirmed. There are a lot of fan wars going on right now to, everything is just so chaotic. 
SM have really screwed this now, I just don’t understand why they do this??!!! Why can’t they just have contracts that doesn’t involve thinking that the artists are some kind of freaking robots!! I hope that they’ll truly learn from this!!! but then again, these kind of things have happened in SM so much that it doesn’t seem like they’ll ever learn… 
Regarding the U-kiss issue, the announcement of the new member, Jun, joining the group has gotten some really mixed feelings. Many of them not exactly positive. A lot of fans accuse them of trying to replace Dongho and they’re really pissed of. I can understand their feelings but I don’t agree with them. The company has waited a pretty long time before doing this and the members seem to like him and be okay with this. Both the members and Dongho has moved on with their lives and with AJ leaving for a while because of his studies this change is necessary. I don’t think that this is something bad and I don’t see it as replacing Dongho, it’s just a way to make the group being able to function. That last sentence may have come out pretty weird, what I mean isn’t that he is just a piece that was needed and thats all. What I’m trying to say is that I don’t feel like it’s right to hate on him or on U-kiss for that matter. Saying things like you won’t follow U-kiss anymore just because they got a new member is just really stupid and rude. If you wanted to stop following them because you don’t like their music then sure, I can accept that, but saying that it’s all Jun’s fault and leaving because of that is just really ignorant. That is not something that I can understand, or ever will understand. 
The kpop world is going completely chaotic and new things keep being discovered that adds to the fuel. I sincerely hope that everything will be fixed in the best way and that nothing serious will happen.

♥♥♥Be strong everybody♥♥♥