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Finally!!!!!~ I cannot even begin with saying how EXCITED I’ve been for this comeback!! This is one of my absolute favorite kpop bands~ One of my two ultimate biases, Myungsoo, (the other one is EXO’s Kyungsoo) is  in this band and also sunggyu, who I’ve grown to like more and more is here~ ƪ(♥ε♥)ʃ I really want to meet them some day~~ That would be like the best thing EVER!! ♥
The music video is just down below and the reaction too~ I’m thinking of making reaction videos instead of writing texts but I don’t know how it will turn out yet. I at least know that I won’t be doing it before the summer break ’cause I won’t have the time to edit and all that, but maybe when the school is finished I’ll do one, maybe~ (●ω●✿)
DAEBAK!!!~~ Waaa I love you infinite~ This song was so beautiful and still really catchy and nice ♥ I really liked this comeback, the song, the theme, the MV, everything was so good~ ♥♥♥
Okay, so the dance part that I liked the most (love the whole dance hehe) is a pert from the chorus dance, at 1:47. I really liked both the dance and singing there, Like how they went up in tone at the end of the sentence~ ♥ 
Another part of the singing that I also really liked was the part in between the vers and the chorus. It’s kind of hard to explain haha XD But like the melody that is when Sungjong sings “neoui ipsuri joe manheun nae ipsureul gamssago
nal hyanggie chwihage hae“, and then sunggyu sings another sentence after him. That part was very catchy and really stucked to my mind haha~ I like those types of melodies and when they go up in tone~ (๑>ᴗ<๑)
The rapping was also nice, If you’ve read my music video reaction to BTL – Too-G you know that I mostly like when they sing and that, in most cases, it takes a while before I start to like the rapp part. But in this song I thought that it really fitted in and that it gave something important to the song. The rapp really became a part of the song and that’s something that I don’t always think, so awesome job infinite!!~ haha (≧▽≦)
To summarize my thought about the song, it was catchy, beautiful and had a very nice melody, what more can you ask of?~ 
The styling was also really on top~ Both the white and black clothes looked super handsome on them, dreamy guys~ ♥‿♥
I liked the haircuts to, even though I didn’t like Hoyas blue-ish hair that much at first I’ve started to like it more and more the more I see it (✿◠‿◠)
The choreography was also awesome and as I said before I really liked the part at 1:47, it had this nice moves and flow haha (>ᴗ<)
Overal I think that this was a VERY VERY successful comeback!!~ 
Oh, and one more thing. When I read  the comments to the MV I saw this comment that actually made me really really angry, and I don’t get angry at comment that easily. I know that you shouldn’t give attention to these trolls but I’m just so mad that I feel like exploding. What he wrote was this, “finally~ the sexy girl jiyeon killed the stage~ no one cares about infinite’s flop come back~”. Like WHAT THE F**K!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously can’t understand those people that write these kind of comments!!!! why hate on someone!?!? why even watch the MV of a band that you don’t even like and then comment a negativ, dumb, not true comment?!?! it’s just so unnecessary!! And if you so badlyyy want to promote you favorite artist this is NOT the right way to do it!! Neither the fans nor the artist herself would feel honored or happy by these types of comment, why can’t people understand that?? I’m sorry but I just needed to get the anger out of me. I just hate when these kind of things happen. 
Let’s just ignore this stupid troll (don’t be like me) and hope that he doesn’t do something like this again.
Okay, so back to the wonderful band, infinite~ You guys did a great job on this comeback and I will forever be a fan of you guys and love you!!~