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hahahah Ok so I just finished watching the episode GO B1A4! and hahaha omg it was so freaking funny and cute but most of all it contained a lot of DERPINESS!!! XD XD XD I laughed so much while watching it that my cheeks hurts hahaha (≧▽≦)
Before I’ll tell you about my thoughts, or more like my reaction kind of, I advice you to watch both the B1A4 U.S scandal part 1 & part 2 and the whole episode GO B1A4! first so that I don’t spoil anything for you ^.^ You can watch the clips just down below~ And even if you don’t want to read my text below it I really recommend watching the episode (and the two clips before) ’cause it’s supeeer fun and you’ll love it~ ♥♥♥
B1A4 U.S Scandal – Part 1
B1A4 U.S Scandal – Part 2
Full Episode – GO B1A4!
Ok, so I guess that you’ve watched these three clips now … so let’s talk about it!!~ ^.^
Actually when I first saw the first scandal clip I got so shocked ’cause the only thing that I’ve heard from it was the title only and yeah …  you can guess what I thought had happened and then the clip didn’t really make it better hahaha XD I fully thought that it was a real scandal, I mean I was so utterly shocked that I didn’t even reflect over that Mnet America had uploaded it or the filming and like the text in the clip which made it pretty obvious that it wasn’t a real scandal. But I couldn’t think and I just went totally crazyyyy. I was like “NOOOO WHY SANDEUL WHYYYYYYYYYY TT_TT” I literally had tears in my eyes (ಥ_ಥ) hahahah XD And then, all tear eyed and sad, I read the comments on the clip and I expected comments that like reflected the reaction that I had but …. it wasn’t like that … no XD The first comments I read was something like “hahah Sandeul you’re so cute” and I was like “O.O what… What????” and then all the comments just continued being like “this is so funny” & “hahah can’t stop laughing at his english” and I just got sooooo confused. I didn’t understand anything, I was like “did we watch the same clip????” XD and after reading the comments (in total confusion) for a while I finally started to contact them with each other and figured out that it was like a teaser for their episode “GO B1A4!” hahahah I still can’t believe that I was so stupid and slow (〃▽〃) and then I started laughing and rolling around on the floor dying XD and yeah that was my reaction to the first clip… kind of mixed huh? ahhah (๑>ᴗ<๑)
Okay so I don’t have that much to say about the second clip, I already new now that it was like a teaser sort of so I was kind of cool (not really actually) with the flirting (I wanted to be her (╥﹏╥)) and all that. The one thing that got me was that she said that he looked like justin Bieber. I was like “NO NO NO NOOOOOO!!!!!! (ノ °益°)ノ” ’cause really he look noooothing like Justin bieber, Sandeul is my dear cute duck not some kid that takes drugs and goes to jail and just is a complete douchbag (sorry all believers). I mean it’s not that I hate justin (maybe just a little…) I just don’t like him (okay that’s kind of the same thing hhaha), but that’s just my personal opinion. I don’t look down on the ones that do like him or go around bashing him on social media so don’t bash me plz~ but if someone asks me if I like him I’m gonna be honest and say “NO.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Okay so let’s move on to the highlight, the episode of complete derpiness and eye candy (they’re all so good-looking~) GO B1A4!~ ♥
I reallyyyy liked this episode, it was fun and yeah it was like B1A4, full of derpiness and cuteness hahah XD ƪ(♥ε♥)ʃ 
I was a little sad that we didn’t see that much of CNU, Jinyoung (kind of) and Gongchan (CNU is my bias in this group♥) but I mean it wasn’t like we didn’t see anything of them so I’m not that sad about it~ ^.^ It was really fun to watch them introduce B1A4 to others and doing charades, hahah CNU was so cuteeee, shy boy~ (๑>ᴗ<๑) And hahahah the prank on Sandeul was so FUUUUN!! Poor little ducky~ >ᴗ< I was really fun to finally fully understand the two “teasers” (B1A4 U.S Scandal) that they had released ^.^ And Stephanie really seemed like a nice girl~ I was happy that the girl that was the actor for this prank was someone like her~ ^.^ The guy also looked like a really nice person and it was so cute when he said that he thought that it was hard and felt bad for acting angry to such a nice and sweet person~ naaawww yes Sandeul is the sweetest duck ♥
Yeah overall I thought that the episode was AMAZING and I really want to see a episode 2!! ^.^ 
I also saw that there was a GO B.A.P! episode at the side collum and I’m going to watch it tomorrow (waaaa B.A.P♥♥) But I don’t think that I’ll do a reaction to it ’cause well I usually don’t do reaction to these kind of things, only to like MV’s and dramas, but because of the two “scandal” clips that was released before the full episode and the reaction and confusion that I had when watching them I just felt like doing this hahah XD ^.^ 
So yeah, it was really great and I had so fun watching this, I hope that you guys liked it too~ ^.^ Oh, and I just need to say this!! CNU’s english was SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!!! He really did a great job introducing their band and his pronunciation was excellent too!!!~ Saranghae CNU~ ♥♥♥♥

♥♥♥B1A4 HWAITING~♥♥♥