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I’m so sorry that I’m so late with this reaction!!! Like I said in my post before I still have so much in school so I haven’t been able to write a post about this MV even though I watched it as soon as it came out hehe ^.^
So May 26 VIXX released the MV for their track song Eternity for their 4th single Album WEHOOOO~ ♥♥♥
Like always my comments and thought about the MV will be underneath the video which I recommend that you watch before you read the text~
It’s reallyyyyy awesome!!!~ (๑>ᴗ<๑)
Firstly I just want to give a applaud to VIXX for the AWESOME song and MV, it’s just so good like seriously how can they be that good???!!! 
So let’s give them a BIG applaud~ *APPLAUD APPLAUD* (●ω●✿)
Let’s talk about the choreography first. As always the chorus dance was excellent, this part looked so intense and HOT hihi that I repeated it like a thousands of times haha XD 
The way they go down by bending their knees outwards just looks so cool and at the same time so complicated to do yourself so I was really fascinated by this part~ (sorry for all the gifs hehe I just really liked the choreography so I wanted to show exactly which parts I’m talking about)
This ending was soooo cool!!~ I liked how the members “held” Ken down and that Hyuk then turn around and “pushed” him down slowly and Ken’s raised hand slowly disappeared. It looks like he’s being swallowed. It’s really brilliant and touching, I kind of liked this part the most because of that~ ^.^ ♥
Another part that I liked simple because it was that dance move hehe was …  the body waves!!!~ hihi (๑>ᴗ<๑) They also like everything else matched the music super good and I just love body waves hahah XD XD 
The hand movements that Hyuk did that looks kind of like a clock ticking was also really nice, it really matched the music splendidly and I just really liked it~ 
I loved the WHOLE choreography but these are the parts that I liked the most our the ones that stood out the most ♥^.^♥
I got really amazed at Ken and Leo’s high notes!!~ I know that they’re really good at high notes and they do it often but I just get so amazed every time I hear them~ They’re so GOOD!! High notes are so hard, especially for men, and they do it so beautifully~ It doesn’t sound like a scream that some peoples high notes sound like but like a real high note, I love it so much~ *applauds to them~*  ♥♥
The part when they sing the “WHOOOOOAAAOOOoooooooOOO” and do the body waves (hihi) is so good, hahah I just need to mention it again XD but the dancing and the singing in this part is really catchy and they match so well together~ Hahaha and with all these football things going on (waaa love football~) I, for some reason, always think of football when hearing this part XD Maybe because it kind of sounds as cheering (?) maybeeee?? Or maybe I’m just weird… yeah … that can be it… hahah XD ♥
The styling was also well thought of. They looked sooooo hot and cold and just beautiful~ The clothes where so handsome and the make-up wasn’t to much~ great jobb stylist!! ♥ and it seems like blue hair is in right now hahaha XD so many have blue hair haha XD ♥ Well I’m not surprised, blue is a color that is in fashion now, the new summer color~ 
Oh! And I absolutely need to mention this part!!!♥
I LOVE the clock parts floating in the air over them and how they disappear!!!! Not only does it look EXTREMELY cool but it also matches with the lyrics so well!!~ ♥♥♥
Overall I really liked how they did this MV and it really seems like they put much thought into every part of it as well as the choreography, styling and singing~ wonderful jobb VIXX!!!~ (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●)


Oh, and one thing more that just NEEDS to be mentioned!! I LOVE THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN STARLIGHTS AND INSPIRITS!!! Being both a starlight and inspirit I get so touched when I see how we support and help each other ♥ I got so happy seeing comments on both “Eternity MV” and “Last Romeo MV” where both fandoms supported both groups and helped reaching our goals ♥ I really think that the relationship between starlights and inspirits is the best one!!!~ ♥♥♥

♥♥♥HWAITING BOTH INFINITE AND VIXX♥♥♥ You’re both wonderful groups~ ♥‿♥

P.S I’ll try writing a music video reaction for U-kiss’s “Don’t Flirt With Me” MV as soon as possible!! ♥