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Omg. This is just TO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!! ♥♥♥ How can they be totally BADASS and at the same time able to be so CUTE??!?!?! B.A.P you’re AWESOME~ ♥♥♥ I love both sides of you~ You can really pull off any concept, cuties~ ♥
As always, watch the MV before reading my text~ ♥ So that I don’t spoil anything haha XD 
Omo, This video was just to Cute, right?!? Everything about it was adorable!! The clothes, the filming, the text, the singing EVERYTHING!! I died while watching it, seriously!! ƪ(♥ε♥)ʃ I just wanted to hug them and be there with them~ ♥♥ 
I really liked the way this MV was filmed. Like how there where some close-ups on the members and that they lasted more than like a milli second haha XD ♥ I also liked that they showed the environment and the camera effect, it gave this cute and “soft” feeling that matched really well with the text and the song overall~ ^.^ 
And I just need to talk about Daehyun’s hair!! Isn’t it TOTALLY ADORABLE?!?!?!? o(≧▽≦)o The glasses and the pink hair and his smile just …  WAAAAAAAA!!! TO MUCH!!!! He looked like a cute prince taken right out of the book~ He looks soooo good with this styling~ ♥(๑>ᴗ<๑)♥
This was a very calm and relaxing song, like I thought it would be, so it didn’t have any exact choreography like most of those types of songs. And I think that it’s totally fine~ I’m sure that they do aegyo instead and I have nothing against that hihihi (〃▽〃) 
But it would be pretty funny if they did those movements and “dance steps” that they did in the MV hahahahah XD XD XD I would not have anything against that either haha XD ♥♥
There isn’t that much more to say I think. Everything was just adorable and relaxing and I Loved it~ I really like when B.A.P sings this type of song so I’m SUPER happy!!~♥♥♥ I cannot wait to see them preform this live ♥ 



P.S I’ll try and do the U-kiss “Don’t Flirt With Me” MV reaction as soon as possible~♥