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This is my first K drama review, I hope that you will like it~ 
I Can Hear Your Voice~

I Can Hear Your Voice~

So the drama that I’m going to review is “I Can Hear Your Voice” which have one of my favorite actors, Lee Jong Suk ♥‿♥ I have watched this drama two times and that shows that it’s a reallyyyy good one ’cause I usually never watch re-watch series, movies yes but series no ♥ The first time I watched it was some time ago but the second time was very recently, I finished watching it like maybe less than 1 week ago ^.^ This is actually also the drama that Lee Jong Suk acted in that I’ve liked the most~ ♥♥♥ He’s roll in it was outstanding!! ♥ but I still haven’t watch secret garden and many people love him in that even though he didnt have the main roll so who knows, maybe I’ll love him more in that series hahah XD (but then it has to be pretyyyyy awesome hhehe) 
Okay, so maybe it’s best if I first tell you what this drama is about hahah XD 
Lee Jong Suk plays the character Park Soo Ha whose father got murdered by a man called Min Joon Kook when Soo Ha was 9 years old (the reason to why his father got murdered isn’t reviled until the last episodes of the drama). There was two witnesses to this murder, the high school students Jang Hye Sung and Seo Do Yeon. Hye Sung took a photo of the scene and the sound of the camera flash saved Soo Ha, as Min Joon Kook was about to kill him too. Later in the court Min Joon Kook insists on that it was a accident and not a murder and he had most people on his side. But then Hye Sung showed up and testifies against him, making him go crazy and so sending him to jail. She ones again “saved” Soo Ha. 
Soo Ha has now kind of fallen in love with her and swears o protect her against Min Joon Kook (he said that he would take revenge on her). 
One thing that this accident has brought to Soo Ha is that he in some way received telepathic abilities, he can hear the thoughts of people (hence the name of the drama). 
10 years later Soo Ha has become a excellent student and is still searching for Hye Sung so that he can, like he promised, protect her. Hye Sung has become a attorney but she has a very bad reputation because she doesn’t listen or believe her clients at all. She doesn’t have any dedication to her profession at all, she just want the money kind of. Her mother has then pressed her to become a public defender and she accepts because the pay is pretty high compared to the pay she has now (she has a very low-paid job). She gets accepted and her photo gets published in the newspaper along with another mans photo, Kwang Woo, who is the exact opposite to her as he always believes in his clients and have a strong motivation and dedication to his profession. Soo Ha sees her photo in the news paper and immediately goes to her office building to look for her, overjoyed. But she rejects him as she does not remember who he is. but they become entangled anyway because Hye Sung has become the defender for his classmate Ko Sung Bin. Also Min Joon kook has been released from prison.
And this is kind of when the drama “starts”. A series of events now happen and Soo Ha and Hye Sung becomes more and more entangled with each other. Sadness, happiness, anger, fear, all these feelings mixing up during the whole drama.
Wow, the synopsis became a liiiittle long hahah XD Now let’s move on to the review~ ^.^ *MAY BE SOME SPOILERS!!!!!* *SPOILER ALERT*
I think that the concept for this drama is really awesome~ A big reason can be because I absolutely LOVE dramas with supernatural stuff, like BIG LOVE!!! ♥‿♥ But the story is really good, it’s not only the super natural stuff that makes me love it,ok!!! ^.^ The way everything works out is also really nice and I absolutely loved the ending!! super sweet~ ♥♥♥
The actors very all very good too, you could really feel the feelings. You cried and laughed together with them ♥ That brings me to another thing that I really loved about this drama!! It wasn’t just super serious or depressing or just dorky, it was ALL of them COMBINED!!! and that is something that I really like!! ♥ You wouldn’t just laugh or cry throughout the whole series, there was so many different scenes that brought out different emotions. Very big variation I think, so it fits more than just one specific type of people~ Big props for that!! 
I also liked that she didn’t fall in love with Soo Ha immediately but instead slowly and kind of without her noticing it herself. I’m more for that type of progress then the one where they fall heads over heals the first time they see each other ^.^ At first she was like “in love” with Kwang Woo but then he had to become the defender for Min Joon Kook and because of his personality he always tries to see the good in everybody and Min Joon Kook used that. Everybody knew that he had killed Hye Sung’s mother but Kwang Woo didn’t take her side in this very important situation like Soo Ha did and he even fought for Min Joon Kook so much that he was set free. This really broke Hye Sung’s heart, and I can totally understand that. To have just lost her mother and blaming herself because of it + her love “betraying” her is really too much for anyone to handle. This was a very important event which made the bond between Hye Sung and Soo Ha much stronger. It’s very important for the progress of their love story. I, because I was hoping for the Hye SungXSoo Ha paring, was kind of happy when that happened (I know, I’m terrible) ’cause I then knew in a way that there was a chance for them ending up together. Before they had always had more of and sibling relationship but now it moved on to a more adult-love relationship. 
Many supporting actors also played a big roll in the main characters development and in mood creation. Like for example Kim Kong Sook and Choi Yoo Chang made you laugh so much and brought up the mood so that it wouldn’t be to depressing after sad events. Seo Dae Seok (Seo Do Yeon’s father) played a big roll in showing the growth of his daughters character. Seo Do Yeon was a very important person and even if you hated her in the beginning (like I did) she grown on you and you just couldn’t help liking her. I think that her character was the one who developed the most and she went through a lot too. She learned to say sorry and to see what was wrong and what was right. 
To conclude, this drama was very good form every aspect I think~ ^.^It’s absolutely something with looking at and has really great actors in it + a touching story ♥ And it’s not only me who thinks like this if you look at the ratings that it has gotten~ 
I hope that this review wasn’t to bad, I’m sorry if it was. This is my first time writing something like this and it’s so hard to write down all your thoughts in sentences and also it’s a whole series and it contains so many things. But I did try my best~♥
I would love to hear what you thought about this drama if you’ve watched it or hear about any tips you have for me, so leave a comment below if you want~ ♥ Oh, and I watched this drama on Viki.com, that is the website that I watch most of my dramas~ even though I’ve started to think that it’s a bit annoying with all the commercials, they didn’t have that many before ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ But it’s free and the dubbers are always really quick I think (props to them~) also the quality is very good ^.^ 
If you want to see or read more about the actors, rankings of the episodes, synopsis and more just visit this link~ ^.^
THAT SMILE!!! THOSE LIPS!! THAT FACE!!! absolute perfection~♥

THAT SMILE!!! THOSE LIPS!! THAT FACE!!! absolute perfection~♥