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Hi everybody~ ✿ 
I have upload my nail art tutorial video to my youtube account that I have, “kpoplove” (creative name right?? XD )
I have earlier uploaded two other nail art tutorial videos to another youtube account that I have because I was thinking of starting to upload nail art tutorials but I noticed that I wouldn’t have enough time for that so I stopped after just two (╥﹏╥) I will share them too just incase you want to see them also hihi ^.^
If I’m going to start making music video reactions they will probable be uploaded to that channel too (kpoplove that is)~ But if that happens I will inform you first on this blog~ ^.^ 
Also please read the description box, all the things like which nail polish I use and other things is written there ^.^ 
The reason to why I have text on this tutorial and not my voice like on the two ones I did before is because, like you know, I’m sick so my voice is really weak and sounds completely horrible >.< 
I tried to make a design that would fix everybody and could be both cool, edgy, cute. The way to change the feeling the design gives off is to change the colors you use. In my tutorial y colors that I’ve chosen gives of a slightly cute and still kind of “sexy” feeling. The cuteness and edginess really depends on which colors you use, trust me ^.^ Like if you want a really cute and fluffy look then only use pastel and girly colors and If you want a more bolder, adult look use more bolder colors~ (●ω●✿)
I think that I’ve said all I wanted now~ I hope that you’ll like the tutorial!!
So, to see the Nail Art tutorial I did for todays celebration day just click the link down below~ ^.^
Nail Art Tutorial – Animal Print & Lace
P.S and because of some technical problems I could barely write anything in the description box so I post what should have been written there here instead~ ^.^

Description box

Hi~ So this is the nail tutorial video that I promised on my blog that I would upload. If you haven’t visited my blog please check it out~  https://kpopyuki.wordpress.com
I wanted to try and do a nail art design that would fit a wide rage so I came up with this one ^.^ depending on which colors you use you can make it either bolder, cuter more sophisticated and more~ In this video I have made more at the cuter way, but you can make it much cuter by just changing some colors. Pastel colors often give a more cuter look while neutral gives a more sophisticated one ^.^ 
I also have another youtube channel which I have uploaded two other nail art tutorials on ’cause I was thinking of starting uploading those kind of videos but because of school I didn’t have time and I kind of gave up >.< but if you want to check them out I have the link down below~ 
Nail Polish That I Used:
Base Light Pink Polish – Essie ~ Number. 9
Darker Pink Polish – Essie ~ Number. 22
Green Pastel Polish – IsaDora Vintage ~ Mint Number. 619
Toned Pink Polish – Viva la Vida ~ Number. 1
Black Polish – Depend ~ Nr. 6701
Top Coat – Depend ~ Nr.080
Pastel Purple Nail Striper – Kiss ~ Soft Purple SPA25
Hot Pink Nail Striper – Kiss ~ Beach Pink SPA21
White Nail Striper – Kiss ~ White SPA02
Silver Nail Striper – Kiss ~ Silver Glitter SPA10
B1A4 1st Mini Album “Let’s Fly” – Only One
I Hope you liked it~
And this is the two Nail Art Tutorials that I did before~ (hate listening to my own voice >.<)