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So now I’m going to start writing all these reactions that are reallyyy late, I’m so sorry for that but I will write them now~ ♥ 
And I’m going to start with ToppDoggs track song “TopDog” from their 3rd Mini Album “AmadeuS” ^.^ 
The MV~
Omg … This MV was EXTREMELY AMAZINGLY COOL!!!! All the effects really made it awesome and … omg I love the effects so much!!!!!
Let’s just take a moment and be fascinated by the AWESOME effects
Screenshot 2014-06-16 12.01.28 Screenshot 2014-06-16 12.01.54 Screenshot 2014-06-16 12.02.41 Screenshot 2014-06-16 12.04.04 Screenshot 2014-06-16 12.04.06
I’m sorry for the bad quality in the pictures, I don’t know what happened >.< But DO YOU SEE!!!!!????? Aren’t they like SUPER COOL?!??!!?! I replayed these parts so freaking much that I see them when I close my eyes ahhah XD XD 
And I looooved the way B-Joo and Hansol played these, eeh I don’t know what to call them lol XD, but these (awesome) “instruments”~ It looked so cool!! omg everything just looks cool!! One word to describe this MV – COOL 
I just needed to bring this pup ’cause it was the thing that caught my attention the most~ ^.^ 
And as you can see these “instruments” are kind of old school which I thought was prettyyyyy amazing. The reason for that is probably because of their old school mozart image that they had in this comeback and you can hear that the background music is actually exactly this~ ^.^ I thought that it was really, how to say, brave and splendid to mix mozart music with hip hop ♥♥♥ it matched really nice and have a completely unique feeling to it, awesome job!!! ♥♥♥♥
I loved their outfits also and their crazyyy hair, it just screams ToppDogg hahah XD everything in this MV kind of screams ToppDogg XD 
Another thing that I loved is when they say “T O double G, D O double G” in their songs ♥ It has such a nice ring to it and is really catchy~♥♥ I always go around saying that after I’ve listened to it XD ♥♥♥ 
At first I actually didn’t like the song that much, but it seems to be this kind of song that the more you listen to it the more you like it. ‘Cause when I listened to it the second time I started liking it more and like after listening to it some more times (I got kind of hooked on it XD ) I’ve grown to love it~♥♥♥ Many people doesn’t seem to think that this is their best song but I assure you that you’ll grown to love it!! ♥ 

After all they are “T O DOUBLE G, D O DOUBLE G”~ hihi (>ᴗ<)