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Hi~ Guess what?? Today I got a haircut!!!! I cut bangs!!!!! And the thing is that I’ve never done anything else to my hair than trimming it,I have prettyyy long hair (≧◡≦) But I’ve wanted to do something more to it for a while now and today I finally decided to cut bangs!!!! You have no idea of how nervous I was when he started cutting of pieces of my hair (●﹏●✿)  I actually closed my eyes while he did it hahah XD 
This was like the biggest change I ever done to my hair EVER!!! And I was really satisfied with the result~ (〃▽〃) I now have sidebands~ ^▽^
I was very nervous ’cause I didn’t  know if it would look totally weird on me or like if my hair would look very thin but it turned out to be really good~ At least I think so hahah XD XD 
I’m thinking of maybeee posting some pictures of how it looks now and maybe some before pictures too~ ^.^ 
If I’ll do that then I’ll do it tomorrow ’cause it’s really late here now and my hair is wet from the shower hihi ^.^