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Waaaaaa, I’m watching Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN right now (streaming) and it’s a commercial break, soon GOT7 will perform!!!!! SO excited!!!!! o(≧▽≦)o I still haven’t uploaded their teasers that they’ve released, sorryyy >.<
The title of their title track song, A, refers to ‘에이,’ which is a Korean expression of disbelief that sounds like the letter ′A′ when pronounced. This is their 2nd Mini Album and contains of 8 tracks. The MV and ALBUM will be released on June 23~ ^.^ 
But I’ll upload them now~ ♥♥♥ I’ll update this post as more teasers get’s released so be sure to check it out now and then before their MV is released, which is June 23, to keep updates~ ^.^ 


group photo~

group photo~

group photo 2

group photo 2

Individual Teaser - JB

Individual Teaser – JB

Individual Video Teaser Part. 1 – JB
Individual Teaser - Mark
Individual Teaser – Mark
Individual Video Teaser Part. 2 – Mark
Individual Teaser - Jackson

Individual Teaser – Jackson

Individual Video Teaser Part. 3 – Jackson
OMG, GOT7 just performed!!!!!! their choreography is so CUTEEE and still cool in a way, waaaaaa!!!!! Love the song!!!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Can’t wait for the MV release~
♪♪”Aaaaa~ “♪♪
Individual Video Teaser Part. 4 – JR
Individual Teaser - JR

Individual Teaser – JR

Individual Video Teaser Part. 5 – Youngjae

Individual Teaser - Youngjae

Individual Teaser – Youngjae

Individual Video Teaser Part. 6 – Bambam
Individual Teaser - Bambam

Individual Teaser – Bambam

Individual Video Teaser Part. 7 – Yugyeom

Individual Teaser - Yugyeom

Individual Teaser – Yugyeom

 Album track teaser /spoiler