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Hello my dear readers~
You may not know this but I’m kind of a football fan hehe XD The reason for this maaaaaaybe is because my whole family are football fans, and they’ve been fans for pretty long~ ^.^
Right now the World Cup 2014 is and I’ve been following it and I have a hard time keeping all the info in my head only so I’ve created some tables to have a better view of all the games and all that ^.^ And then I thought, “hey, why not share this with my readers in case some of them are football fans like me and maybe they also want a clearer view of all this or just want to keep themselves updated”, So I did ^.^ 
I have now created a new page that is named “World Cup 2014” and can be located at the top~ I have tables of the groups, games, points and all that there and I will update it as quickly as I can when a game has been played  (^▽^)
So if you would like, go check it out ^.^ Follow me on this football journey~ XD
Also if you’re a fan, I would love to hear which teams your routing for!! ^.^ ♥ I’ve written the teams I like and that on the bottom of the “World Cup 2014” page ^.^