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Jaaayyyy~ Finally NU’EST will release a Full-Length Album, Re:Birth ♥♥♥ And it will be released July 9~♥♥♥ I will arrive in Japan July 15~
Because I dont have much money it’s so hard to order albums online >.< So far I only have 4 Kpop Albums just because I partly need to save some money for the Japan trip and partly ’cause the shipping cost a lot for me (╥﹏╥) But when I get to Japan I will buy a loooot of albums (as many as I can with my money XD ), that’s kind of the reason to why I’m saving money now XD 
So I’ll definitely buy this album!! ♥♥♥ And they’ve released a photo of how the cover photo for the album is going to look~ 
It’s so cool!!~ o(≧▽≦)o Can’t wait to buy it~♥