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This song is sooooo gooooooood!!! I heard it on Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN today too~ ^.^ And the statistic supports this to!! They’ve risen to the top of nine music charts as the song was released!!! (link) Awesome!!! o(≧▽≦)o 
It seems like this reaction will be pretty short, ’cause honestly I just love everything about this MV ♥‿♥ I’m just going to repeat the word awesome throughout the whole reaction haha XD 
So … AWESOME!!!!!! hahah XD I love it so muuuuuch!!!! The choreography is so cool and has such a nice flow, completely linking it to the song melody and text~ I almost can’t even pick a favorite part ’cause I love them all equally much XD But there is one part of the dance that got stuck in my mind a little more than the others, it may be ’cause they kind of slow-motioned that part, which was awesome ’cause it fitted really well~ ^.^ or maybe ’cause of the pose hahah XD Let me show you a picture so you know which part I mean~
Screenshot 2014-06-19 14.50.19
They do this more than just ones but yeah I love Yoseobs shirt so I choose this one heheh XD Seriously it’s so freaking hot!! I want it myself~ As you can see in the picture it’s at 2:04~ And I really liked the feeling and effect that it had so I just needed to show it to you guys~ ^.^ 
Another thing that got stuck on my mind was when Junhyung is his rap part (2:23) says “Heal me, I’m heartsick” ’cause I just immidietly thought of the beginning of B2ST’s song Bad Girl when Gikwang says “I’m heartsick, Heal me” XD I love that song so much too and I looove the beginning of it to. So that sentence just got stuck to my head and now in their new song God Luck Junhyung says the exact same sentence, just switched place of two words kind of and the way they both say it kind of sounds the same too a little bit at least XD XD XD hahaha I just needed to bring this up too ’cause yeah… I thought it was hilarious (๑>ᴗ<๑) Don’t judge me haha XD 
Back to the song~ The song itself is absolutely AMAZING~ ♥ The melody is catchy and cool but at the same time it has this soft feeling to it which I really liked and the lyrics is also wonderful ♥ The intro is so nice, the popping sound is really cool and it really fits to the feelings that is shown in this MV, I think~ The popping sound and melody mixed with the intro video really is a perfect way of starting of this MV ♥
The styling fitted very well to the song and it looked so good on them all, it kind of feels like it’s a little different from their usual style~ ♥♥♥ They all looked very hot in this MV but I just need to give some extra shine on Dongwoon~ Omo, he looked so mature and sexy and just WAAAWAA I don’t know how to write it down but he just caught me eye~ ♥
Like I said in the beginning, this MV is AWESOME!! ♥♥♥ Really GOOD JOB B2ST~ It could not have been a better comeback than this ♪  



P.S I want to start making Video reactions instead of writing ’cause sometimes it’s kind of hard to write down everything and also I don’t always know how to write it down >.< But the thing is that I don’t know how to do the videos. I don’t know how to fix so that you can see the MV video playing in the corner and see me too >.< If you know how to edit so it becomes like that please tell me~ It would make me really happy ♥ Love you Guys ♥