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Waaaaaa!!!!! Awesome~ Jung Joon Young will release a new album!!! ♥‿♥ I love his voice so much ♥
It has now been announced that Jung Joon Young will release his second mini album on June 26. The Albums name is Teenager and the concept is “an adult that dreams”, it’s meant to people that are exhausted with reality to be able to dream again♥ 
What is reallyyyy cool is that all the tracks in the album are self-composed by him and he has also participated in the overall production including the concept design!! Isn’t that like supeeer cool!?!? ♥‿♥ 
I hope that this album will make him noticed by more people ’cause he really is an amazing singer and I think that he deserves much more fame than he has now. It’s so sad that not more people know about him T_T If you listen to him I’m sure that you’ll love him~ ♥♥♥ 
Here are some of his songs and two more clips of when he sings on radio that I think are really nice~ ^.^