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Okay so I just needed to write a post about this.
I just finished watching the match between South Korea and Algeria and I just … I can’t write in words the anger that I feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don’t know how a judge that stupid, unprofessional and just a IDIOT can be a judge!!!!!!! From what I saw through out the whole game he was clearly NOT a neutral judge!!!! There was SO many situations where he would blow his freaking whistle just because the Algerian players fell on their own stupid feats or where faking being hurt. When they showed the slow-motion parts later you could clearly see that the South Korean players didn’t even tough them!!!!!! And he even gave YELLOW CARDS!!!!!!!!!! I mean W T F IS WRONG WITH HIM!!!!!???!! HAS HIS EYES GONE BAD!?!??!?!?! I haven’t seen a judge that stupid and unfair!!!!!!! He wasted and interrupted so many of the South Koreans goal opportunities that I just wanted to PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE!!!!! WITH A CHAIR!!!!!! 
And the worst part is that when the Korean players got dragged down and even hit by the Algerian players the judge didn’t even do as much as to blink!!! I’m serious!!! For example at the end of the match an Algerian player elbowed, yes he freaking elbowed a Korean player in the side ribs!!!!!!!!! THAT HURTS!!!!!!!!! And the judge didn’t do ANYTHING!!!! GHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! I JUST ….. NCOEWUINBVOUBEWNVJI!!!!!!!!!!
And sure I know that the South Koreans didn’t play that good in the first half of the game BUT they played SO GOOD in the second half but everyone seemed to be against them!!!!! They were against them already from the beginning for god sake!!!!!!! They would have won over Algeria if the judge wouldn’t have been so blind and stupid. That thing is clear as water!!! If you watch the game I’m 100% sure that you would think the same too ^.^ 
I also just need to yell a bit about the commentators of the game. They had NO idea of what they where talking about!! As soon as someone made a goal they praised that team saying it was the best but when the other team made a goal they praised that team and saying that they where the best ones. They talked in a very unprofessional way to and just … no!!  if you don’t know then please don’t talk, ok?!? 
I’m sorry for this kind of rant post but I just needed to get all this said >.< I was so angry after the match that I didn’t know what to do ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
Anyways, I’m still of course routing for South Korea~ There is still a chance for them to win and I will explain how now hehe ^.^
Their in group H along with three other countries; Russia, Belgium and Algeria.
Belgium has already secured that they will move on to the 8part Final, ’cause they’ve won both their two matches.
In the match between South Korea and Russia it ended in a draw, which gives both of them 1 point each. 
Algeria lost their match with Belgium but won this one against South Korea (UNFAIRLY!!!) so that now have 3 points. 
The matches that are left look like this: the point they now have are written inside the parenthesis 
South Korea (1 point) VS Belgium (6 points)
Russia (1 point) VS Algeria (3 points)
For South Korea to be able to move on to 8part Final this need to happen. 
Russia need to win the match against Algeria, they will then have 4 point. (If Algeria wins the game then they will have 6 point, making it impossible for South Korea to move on to 8part Final)
Then South Korea needs to win against Belgium, so that they also will have 4 points. Both South Korea and Russia will then have 4 points, charing the second place. The thing that will decide who gets the second place to the 8 part Final is the amount of goals. I will expelling to you how to count this.
Russia have scored one goal totally in the two matches that have been played but they have lost 2 goals, what I mean by “lost 2 goals” is that when they played against South Korea, South Koreas scored 1 goal and when they played against Belgium, Belgium scored 1 goal. 1+1=2, they’ve lost 2 goals, do you get it? ^.^ 
And South Koreas has scored 3 goals totally in the two matches that have been played but they’ve lost 5 goals (4 against Algeria, 1 against Russia). 
The way to count on this is like this. You take the amount of goals that they’ve made minus the amount of “lost goals”.
So in Russia’s case that is 1-2=-1, they have -1.
And South Korea has 5-3=-2, they have -2.
Do you understand everything so far?? ^.^ I know I’m not good at explaining stuff but I’m trying my best ^.^
So, for South Korea to be able to advance to the 8 part Final they need to have a smaller difference than Russia. That means that they need to score more goals than Russia in the next, and last, game. 
Example: If Russia wins with 1-0 against Algeria they’ve scored one goal, that equals 2-2=0.
South Korea then needs to score at least 3 goals giving them, 6-5=1. And as you all know 1 is bigger than 0 so they will then move on to 8 part final~ 
If they score 2 goals that gives them 5-5=0 which is the same number as Russia. What happen’s then I honestly don’t know XD 
But this is what needs to happen!!! I will pray for South Koreas success every night until June 26 (that’s when they’ll play their game) and then I will pray and fight for them during the whole game!!! I really hope that they will succeed ♥


 P.S No hate on the Algeria team, I’m not saying that I hate the team or anything like that but it was a very unfair game.