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I just needed to write about this. As you probably know SNSD’s Taeyeon and EXO’s Baekhyun has confirmed that they’re dating, I wrote a post about this earlier which you can read here.
Fans have started to over analyze and criticize Taeyeon and Baekhyun as they’re feeling hurt, betrayed and so on and so on. Like I wrote in my earlier post about this, it’s okay to feel sad and maybe even a little hurt BUT to accuse, say hurtful comments and just being plainly stupid and blinded by anger towards Taeyeon and Baekhyun IS NOT RIGHT!!!!! Idols are NOT our property and neither are they dolls that have their own will or things that they want in their life!! They have just as much right to love and date someone as we have. The reason to why so many celebrities keep hiding who they’re dating is to avoid this exact mess! I seriously cannot understand why people just can’t support their love and be happy that they’re happy, they they’re enjoying their life!! To find someone that you love is a wonderful thing and it’s NOT something to hate on!! 
The thing that made me so angry is that the celebrities always need to be the ones that apologies to the fans. THEY DO NOT NEED TO APOLOGIES FOR BEING IN LOVE!!!!! THAT’S SO WRONG!!!! 
Taeyeon posted this on her instagram:
This is what stands there:
“You were really surprised and hurt because of me, right? I′m so sorry for making you feel a way you don′t even need to feel. I want to apologize for today′s articles, which happened because I wasn′t being careful. I′m sorry for hurting you.””I believe that you are all feeling very disappointed, angry, hateful, frustrated, dejected, and many other emotions,” wrote Taeyeon. “I can accept it all and I want to apologize. It might just be me, but because you liked me, trusted me, supported me, and made many efforts.

“′She enjoyed uploading obvious pictures on Instagram. She ridiculed the fans.′ There are many people who think this, so I really want to say this. That was not my intention at all and not my goal.”

This is so sad to see because she has nothing, NOTHING, to apologies for!! I think that it’s wonderful that she and Baekhyun has found each other and that they are happy together. Why does she need to apologies for this? I just can’t understand it!!! The ones that really need to apologies are the “fans” that hate on them… 
I wish that we all could just support this adorable couple and wish for their happiness. ‘Cause that’s something you would do if someone you knew told you that you where dating. You would wish for their happiness and you would be happy for them! You wouldn’t tell them that they’ve betrayed you or that they’re ugly and things like that, right??? So why tell those things to them?? 
Please, I’m begging you, just think more than ones before you accuse someone or say hurtful things to them, ok? It hurts. It hurts very much to hear something like that. No matter how many times someone says those things to you it always hurt just as much as the first time they said it. 
I hope that all the hate won’t split these guys up and that they can enjoy being together~