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100% has reveled that they will have a summer comeback with the album “Sunkiss” on July 7. The title track of the album is named “U Beauty” and they will preform the track song “You’re Pretty” for the first time on MBC’s Changwon Citizen’s Day Special on July 1~ 
Announced on June 24

Announced on June 24

Update – 100% has now reviled that these videos aren’t actually teasers for their album but instead for a upcoming fun fan event that they will hold~ But I will still have them in this post so it doesn’t create any confusion for those who hasn’t seen this update ^.^
The Teaser photos will be uploaded here too and you can find them under the videos ^.^ 
Video Teaser for fan event – Jonghwan (released June 27)
Video Teaser for fan event – Chanyong (released June 27)
Video Teaser for fan event – Hyukjin (released June 28)
Video Teaser for fan event – Changbum (released June 28)
Video Teaser for fan event – Rockhyun (released June 29)

Teaser Photos

Group Teaser Photo

Group Teaser Photo (released June 29/30)

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Teaser Video – released July 2