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Just needed to give this match some applauds~ The match between Brazil and Cameroon was amazing!!! Truly a wonderful and well played match, it was a real pleasure to watch it~ 
Also I would like to give the Cameroon team some applauds to ^.^ they played really well in todays game and showed a excellent side, I definitely think that they where better than some of the teams that will move on to the 8 part Final!! It’s so annoying when many good teams get placed in one group and another group has all the bad teams ’cause then some teams that aren’t that good just advances because there is no real competition. Cameroon where placed in a group with strong teams, if they would have been placed in a group with not as many strong teams I think that they would have been able to move on to the 8 part final ^.^ 
I just wanted to highlight todays game ’cause I thought it was awesome and also give some praise to the Cameroon team because of their amazing play in this game that contributed very much to making the game an very interesting one ^.^ 
Brazil is a very strong opponent and Cameroon where able to score one goal and keep an intense game throughout the whole match, that is amazing ^.^ Like I said, Brazil is a very strong opponent and they also showed their skills and wonderful play today, it’s just that Cameroon haven’t won a game before or even scored a goal but they played so good in this match that I just needed to give them some extra praise ^.^ 
It was an amazingly played game from both sides!!! Well done!! ♥♥♥