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f(x) has begin releasing teasers for their upcoming album “Red Light” which will be released on July 7, this will be their 3rd album~ ^.^ And I’m getting really excited for this song when I saw the teaser!! It looks like it will be a interesting song and MV~ ^.^ It seems like creepy concepts are starting to be a trend now XD I’m liking it~ hahah ^.^
Update – It seems like 13 photos of each member is to be released, I will try to update as quickly as possible as the photos are being released~ ^.^
I really like how they’re doing this, the photos are really cool!! I think it will be a veryyyyyyy awesome comeback!!! ♥
Their eyes seems to be a important part in this comeback ’cause they have like on eye with make-up and the other without and they also covers one of their eyes in some of the pictures ^.^
Individual Teaser Krystal – 13 photos

Individual Teaser - Krystal  You see what I mean now right?? (๑>ᴗ<๑) This will be so exciting!!! ^.^

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Individual Teaser Sulli – 13 photos
fx-Sulli_1403914100_af_org Sulli_1403932441_sulli4 Sulli_1403928303_sulli3 Sulli_1403976026_sulli8 Sulli_1403925339_sulli2 Sulli_1403976023_sulli6 Sulli_1403921377_sulli1 Sulli_1403976025_sulli7 Sulli_1403976029_sulli9 Sulli_1403976031_sulli10 Sulli_1403935854_sulli5 Sulli_1403976032_sulli11 Sulli_1403917406_sulli

Individual Teaser Victoria – 13 photos 

fx-Victoria_1404000298_af_org Victoria_1404005832_140629_victoria_002 Victoria_1404029226_victoria Victoria_1404021689_140629_victoria_007 Victoria_1404011327_20140628_vic_4 Victoria_1404014770_140629_victoria_005 Victoria_1404025517_140629_victoria_008 Victoria_1404018235_140629_victoria_006 Victoria_1404007459_20140628_victoria_teaser3
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Individual Teaser Luna – 13 photos
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Individual Teaser Amber – 7 photos (still updating)
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