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Hot Young Bloods (movie) – 2014 
Lee Jong Suk, Park Bo Young, Lee Se Young, Kim Young Kwan

Kim Young Kwan, Park Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Se Young

First I’m just going to tell you guys what this movie is about~ I copied this summery from asianwiki.com 

“Hot Young Bloods is set within the early 1980’s in Heongseong, South Korea. The movie depicts the rivalries, friendships and secret crushes held by students at a high school in Heongseong.

Young-Sook (Park Bo-Young) is the feared leader of a female gang at the high school. Although she is known for her toughness, she has a secret crush on Joong-Gil (Lee Jong-Suk). Meanwhile, Joong-Gil is the school’s playboy. He attempts to woo all the girls at his high school except for Young-Sook. That’s because Gwang-Sik (Kim Young-Kwang), the feared leader of a rival school’s male gang, views Young-Sook as his woman.

A new female transfer student (Lee Se-Young) from Seoul arrives at their high school. She’s different from the other girls and beautiful. Joong-Gil falls for her instantly, while Young-Sook attempts to prevent the new girl from encroaching on her secret crush. Trouble also brews for Joong-Gil as Gwang-Sik becomes aware of Young-Sook stepping in between Joong-Gil and the new transfer student.”

So now that you know the plot let’s move on to my thoughts on this movie ^.^ (may contain spoilers!) 
As you may know by now I loooove Lee Jong Suk and he was kind of the reason to why I watched this movie hehe. When I decide to watch a korean movie or drama it’s almost always because my favorite actor is in it, in some cases I can watch a drama or movie even though it doesn’t have any actor that I know of and love, ’cause of maybe it’s been a very popular series or I’ve seen it on viki.com or something like that ^.^ Vik is the site that I always, if I can, see the korean dramas and movies ^.^
Just a quick shoutout to all the viki subbers~ You guys are AWESOME!!! always super quick with subbing and I’m super grateful to you~ ^.^ I’m thinking of maybe starting with helping out at viki too, I’ll try to make time to do so ^.^
Okay back to the movie! 
I can say already now to you guys that it was a amazing movie and very touching ♥ At first you may think that It would just be a kind of high school movie with fights and no deep stuff at all, and that’s wrong! I cried, laughed, got scared, felt frustrated along with the characters. The actors did a great job at living themselves into their rolls and portrayed their emotions and problems splendidly!! You could really understand the characters and feel for them, which I thought was amazing ♥ 
I really liked the main characters too and they fit perfectly with each other! I hate it when sometimes the ones that you want to end up with each other don’t… So I really liked the fact that Young-Sook and Jong-Gil ended up with each other~ ♥ And the Ending!!! OMG, it was so adorable and a perfect way to end the movie!! I loved it so much!! I thought that that kind of ending suited the characters so well ♥♥♥ waaa, so cute~ 
I like the actor Park Bo Young too, I thought that she was amazing in the movie “A werewolf boy” and she was amazing in this movie too!! I hope that she’ll act in more dramas and movies, I definitely support her~ ♥ It’s hard to act as a person who doesn’t show many emotions and is more closed and still make it interesting to watch and not boring. I think she did a great job at that, she portrayed her character splendidly~
Lee Jong Suk also, like always, did a great job on playing his roll ♥ I really love to see him act, he’s such an amazing actor and can play so many different characters. He acts with so much emotions that you can really feel how the characters feel, just simply amazing ♥♥♥
Oh! and I just need to mention this! Kim Kwang-Kyu was in this movie!!! hahahahah omg I loved him so much in the drama “I Can Hear Your Voice”!!! He played his character so well and it was such a fun character hahah I’m starting to laugh by just thinking of it XD XD And his roll in this movie (even though it was a very short one) had the same kind of feeling as the one in “I Can Hear Your Voice”, kind of playful, heartwarming and fun character~ ^.^ As soon as I saw him making a appearance in the movie I just got this super big smile on my face and felt so happy~ For me, him being in the movie really made it even better (✿◠‿◠) I think I need to watch more dramas with him in them cause he’s such a great and fun actor✿ 
Yeah I really liked this movie!! It had a great story line and awesome characters plus some very good character developments and a awesome love story ♥ I liked that it wasn’t just this typical kind of love story but instead a more interesting and deep one that felt more real and alive ♥ 
It also had many different a motions and didn’t move forward to fast which are two things that can be very hard to achieve in movies because they aren’t as long as dramas ^.^
I absolutely think that it’s a movie worth watching!! ♥ Definitely if you’re searching for a movie with a deeper story line and with lots of different emotions, everything from sad moments to funnier and action parts, and also a more realistic love story that still ends happily ♥