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WOW, I seriously never thought that this was going to happen!! XD 
MBC’s Music Core has revealed that from June 28 they had started banning lip syncing from the performances. 
The Chief Producer Park Hyun Seok of Music Core announced on July 1 this statement:
“People who merely mouth to prerecorded versions of their own songs can′t be called singers. This will be a measure that prevents singers from cheating. Agencies and producers brought this upon themselves because they pushed too hard for performances that merely look good. There were many singers who lipsynced to their songs, but this trend must stop. Singers need to prove they can sing onstage. We will be banning singers from going onstage with an MR version that they mixed at a recording studio. We must not let what is unnatural go unchecked.”

WELL SAID!!! I know that many songs have really difficult and strength-taking choreography’s and I also know that we fans love these type of amazingly difficult  dances and that’s why they do them. We ask for that and then, on top pot all that, we also ask for no lip sync. When you look at it like this you see that it’s actually kind of wrong of us fans to ask for so much and something almost impossible to do. But I still think that lip-syncing through out a whole song is wrong! I can understand if they don’t sing some parts ’cause the choreography is difficult their but they should sing live a little, just to prove themselves and not be accused of only lip-syncing and not being able to sing. It’s so sad when I see people accuse them of such things when I know that it isn’t true T_T I also think that it’s SUPER important for rookie groups and when they debut to sing live, it’s their debut stage and their opportunity to show everybody what they can do and their skills!! If they only focus on the choreography and lip sync to the song then they only show their dancing skills and not how well they can sing. And the it’s their vocals that are what defines a singer, I mean a singer sings right? That’s why I’m kind of happy that they have started banning lip syncing ^.^ It’s only because this will stop all the comments about how some people can’t sing and also this will, like he also said, stop companies from  “cheating” with some groups. 
Now when they stop the lip syncing and people will hear that they sing just as well (sometimes maybe even better) they will finally have to accept that kpop artist can sing!!! And that they only talent isn’t just lip syncing (someone actually said this to me!! I got SOOOO MAD!!)!! 


PS. if you want to see a little bit more information about this visit this link~ ^.^