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Well, it definitely became fantastic Henry ♥♥ XD a very nice song~ 
Henry’s new song called “Fantastic”, released July 11 and is 4:40 minutes long~
Can we just take a moment and highlight on the AWESOME CLOTHES that were seen in this MV!!!!! ♥♥♥ Omg, they were so freaking cool and fit him so well!! A BIG applaud to the stylist of this MV!! ♥ A really awesome job~ 
I’m so obsessed with these types of clothes, they’re seriously amazing~ ♥ 
And O M G, Henry looks so incredibly handsome in that red suit!!! O.O  ♥♥♥ He looks like some kind of sexy forbidden fruit hahah lol that sounded soooooo weird but that was the first thing that came to my mind lol XD XD yeah, I’m weird, there is no use in trying to hide it XP 
This song reminded me about his earlier song actually, you know his song “Trap” which is super good ‘¨cause I really loved that song~ ^^
It kind of gave of the same feeling I think~ 
So nice to listen to and very catchy!! It’s this kind of song that I love listening to when I’m walking outside, like running our just walking to the train ^^ ’cause it has this beat that makes me forget that I’m walking super fast so instead of feeling tired I just get more energy and really enjoy walking ♥ It’s so nice listening to these types of songs ^^ 
The choreography fitted the song very well ^^ I though it was pretty cool, I’m gonna be honest here, I kind of like more b-boyish spinning around hip-hop-ish dance style haha XD The things that I like kind of change all the time lol XP I’m not so good to just sticking to one thing but I change all the time, I guess that in some aspects that’s not so good hahaha XD ♥♥♥ But it really fitted the song perfectly and gave a even better feeling to it~ ♥