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This post will be updated as more information is released. It is therefore now a sticky post like the rest of the ongoing comeback teaser posts~ ^.^
BTS has started to count down till the day when they’ll start their comeback promotions. On July 30 they put up a countdown clock on it’s official website which counts down to August 6 which is when their comeback teaser will be released. At the same time announcing that their comeback will take place on August 20. That day is when BTS will drop their first Studio Album. 
I’m so happyyyyyyyy, I really love all their songs so far and all the members are like perfect hilarious dorky guys hihi ƪ(♥ε♥)ʃ XD This will be so exciting~ 
Click this link to visit their Official Website and see the Count Down Clock~ ^^
The albums name is “Dark & Wild”  (Hoooooottt alert!!!) 
Update #1
A Song Produces and directed by Suga was released on their official Website (click the link above)!! The song is named “Let Me Know” and it’s one of their newest songs, it will be available on their website until midnight August 12 ^^
Comeback Trailer (released August 6)
Concept Photos (released August 8)
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“Danger” MV Teaser #1 (released August 12)