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This post will be updated as more information is released. It is therefore now a sticky post like the rest of the ongoing comeback teaser posts~ ^.^

SM Entertainment has announced on August 11 that SHINee’s Taemin will release his first Solo album since the group formed!! This album will show a new side of Taemin that he hasn’t been able to show trough his group albums and the name of the album is “ACE”. The first teaser is to be released on August 12 and special performances had been planned!! OMG!! o(≧▽≦)o

The Album will be dropped on August 18 and the track song is named “Danger” (oomg it’s the same name as BTS’s track song!!!! O.o)

MV Teaser (released August 12)

OMG he looks so FREAKING HOT and COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! ToOOOO MUUUuuuuCcccHHHH!!!!

Ace of ACE Video (released August 13)

♥ so touching ♥ beautiful singing ♥ 

TVXQ’s Changmin wrote this lyrics and he also participated in the chorus ^^