I just felt that I needed to write a review on this drama, so here it is!! 
Doctor Stranger (2014) – 20 episodes
I actually followed this drama and I saw episode 19 (the 2nd last one) as soon as it came out but when the last episode (ep 20) came out it took some time for it to get subbed and during that time I kind of lost my interest to watch it, I had kind of lost it after ep 19 actually… The reason to why it was like that was probably very much because I was routing for the Quack X Hoon team and yeah as you now it was prettyyyy obvious that they wouldn’t end up together after that many episodes and also I read some comments on the last episodes which made me loose my interest even more. 
But today I just had to finish watching it ’cause it felt kind of annoying that I had one episode left and still hadn’t watched it and also I love Lee Jong Suk and I wanted to see his face hehe (¬‿¬) So yeah, now I’ve finished the drama “Doctor Stranger” and I’m here to write a review on it wohoooo XD
Firstly I’m going to start with the actors in this drama!! 
I LOVED them ALL!!!!! like seriously, they where so freaking amazing!! Well there is one exception… I’m routing for the Quack X Hoon team soooo yeah… I don’t like Jae Hee, pretty obvious right XD I don’t now yet what I think about the actor ’cause I really didn’t like the character that she played in this drama so that kind of “clouded” my opinion of her, if you understand 😛 
I actually really loved Soo Hyun (aka Quack XD ) !!! like I wanted her to be together with Park Hoon but then I also wanted her to be together with Jae Joon ’cause she had so great chemistry with all of them!!! They should all have ended up together LOL XD
But I really reallyyyy liked her, both her acting and her character ^^ 
And Jae Joon, omg he’s so handsome I just don’t know what to do!! His character was really amazing, like the darkness in it and the fought he had with himself when he realized that he had fallen in love with the girl that he intended to use only ♥ just wow ♥ It was truly amazing to see him acting and his characters growth during the drama~ I mean he already catch my eye during the “My Love from the Star” drama ’cause he’s like so good looking and yeah who doesn’t love good-looking guys XD XD 
Let’s move on to my One True Love …. PARK HOON!!!!!! as you probablyyy already know I loooove Lee Jong Suk, like he’s to freaking good-looking for a human!!! and his acting is just amazing!!! He’s like perfect… (jealous much?? ) XD 
His character in this drama was (as in many other dramas) SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!! I replayed those moments when he acted all cutsey and was playing around (like 90 % of the drama lol) like  A MILLION TIMES!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I just love when he’s doing those things!! EIHFUHWOEUAGHOAWB Can’t control my feelings!! ヘ(。□°)ヘ  I just wished that he would have fallen for Quack ’cause let’s face it, they had the most adorable and intense moments! Their chemistry was AMAZING!! It just felt so weird that they didn’t end up together (made me liiiilte disappointed…) But I was still kind of happy cause Quack ended up with the handsome god Jae Joon thihihi ♥♥♥ 
I just didn’t like the Hoon X Jae Hee paring… I know that they had this all deep true love many memories past together and all but I just couldn’t feel any chemistry between them and also it felt kind of to much (?) so yeah… I’m not hating on it (well actually I’m kind of doing it… ?) but I just didn’t think that they fit together -.-
And all the supporting characters like Hoon’s mom, Jae Joon’s doctor team, Moon Hyung (aka the man who always hit his nose on the door lol), Lollipop man, Chang Yi and the nurses that was in the reception, I Loved them all so much!! Their character where so funny and wonderful, you couldn’t not like them ♥ 
The thing about this drama is that I liked ALL (well almost all) Characters and the actors so you may think that I thought that this was the best drama eveeer, but …. no, I didn’t think that >.< 
Even though I liked all the characters and thought that it was funny watching them all the story line and everything that happened just kind of ruined it all T_T (especially the scenes with Jae Hee… please don’t hate on me if you like her, I don’t hate the actor ok, I just didn’t like the character) 
But there was just to much going on and to many things that wasn’t connected, to many un-revieled stories and to many surprises, I just couldn’t keep up with it all and the whole drama just didn’t feel like a whole but more of pieces everywhere T_T Also it got kind of annoying when people died all the time and they they just came back to life to die again and come back again and you just sat there and was like “what is going on….” 
And the thing was that they had so many intense and cute moments between Hoon and Quack but nothing progressed and then Hoon started to get completely desperate and his character just fell apart for a little while and then he returned to his normal self. It just felt like every time Jae Hee came to him he would go crazy and he just got to desperate and it didn’t feel like love but more of a forced (?) feeling, I guess that’s why I just didn’t like the scenes with them together >.< 
So yeah, I cannot say that I loved this drama but I didn’t hate it either. It was just like “normal” the characters/actors where funny and well played but the writing/story was just to confusing and shattered 😦 I must say that I was a little disappointed ’cause I was really looking forward this drama, especially ’cause Lee Jong Suk was playing in it and it was a doctor drama which is prettyyyy cool (love those kind of dramas!!), and the first episodes where so cool and every time they did like operations I was amazed but then all the other things happened and everything just got out of control so you didn’t know anything anymore, you felt like you where completely lost >.< 
I wish there will come a new drama with Lee Jong Suk soon and I’m totally going to search up the other actors and try to watch some dramas or movies that they’ve played in ’cause they where all really amazing!!! ♥

I just searched up that Hae Jin is going to be in a drama that starts October 4, the name is “Bad Guys” OMG I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! Park Hae Jin I’m coming for you~~~hihi ♥♥♥ƪ(♥ε♥)ʃ